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Comments and Reviews

posted 5 Jan 2017,

"Very impressed With the windows and the Pub Kit. The Delivery was Brilliant I ordered them on the 30th and they came on the 31st of December. Brilliant Service."

Martin French


posted 16 Dec 2013,

"May I say that your kit has the best set of instructions I have ever come across, being both simple and comprehensive, as obviously you have spent a lot of time on these, for people of all skills to build your products."

Chris Barker



posted 25 Aug 2013

"for I must say I’ve enjoyed my first-ever experience of constructing a Smart Model’s kit. I’ve used mainly those from the Metcalfe range previously, and while these are good, I think your own version compare more favourably in terms of realism/appearance."

Andrew Cockburn



posted 5 Feb 2013

[Signal Box] "Went together great, the design and instructions were top class. Although I do admit to cursing you when it came to making the steps up to the box, "Does he really expect me to make every bl##dy step!" The sense of achievement (and relief) when they were finished more than made up for the fiddliness of them."

Paul Evans



posted 23 Sep 2012,

"these buildings are what every model steam train enthusist shoud have streets of to go with that time period. excellent vision, realistic."

Eldon Allot



posted 18 Sep 2012,

"At last some body has produced a model of an NER designed signal box. This is a free tester kit made by Smart models and is based on the box at Beamish formally the Car House East signal box from consett. I have to admit I've never been a fan of card kits but theres a lot of thought gone in to the design of this which makes it rather fun to build!"

Dan Eddy



posted 1 Jun 2012,

"Many thanks for the kit.  I have only had the opportunity for a brief look at it but I have to say that it’s got one of the most comprehensive sets of instructions that I’ve seen."

Alexander McAspurren



posted 1 Jun 2012,

"Hello Brian, Thanks very much for the download of the signal box. I am really looking forward to having a go at "making" it.

I wish you well in your business, and with this very nice offer I don't tyhink you can do anything but suceed. Once again, Thank you very best Regards Bernard "

Bernard Smith



posted 4 Mar 2012,

"Hi living in Italy I do not have the advantage of a local model shop so I have recently discovered this site run by Brian Taylor. There is a free download of a signal box for n gauge and he has released a terraced house and a shop. I have spent the last few weeks building and adapting these and hope others will have a look at his site. I have been using scalescenes for a few years now and these new kits are equally as good in my opinion. The instruction sheets are very detailed probably too detailed as the kits are almost self explanatory. Anyway give the a go.

Brian has posted my first models on his web site."

Jerry Howlett