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Custom Lasercutting Service

Custom Lasercutting Service


Materials Available


MDF / HDF - 3mm & 6mm


Plywood - 3mm & 6mm


Acrylic - 0.75mm, 3mm & 5mm in assorted colours ( and clear)


Mylar - 350 micron & 190 micron


Grey Card Stock - 0.5mm, 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm & 3mm


Other materials can be ordered in on an as needed basis


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IMPORTANT:  When designing a part to be laser cut the nearest two cuts can be to each other is 0.7mm (700 Micron). Any closer and plastic materials like the Mylar or acrylic will melt. You also need to take this in to account when you are requesting any of our existing designs cut at a smaller size. Some of the detail may already at the minimum size. If the existing design needed to be altered it would count as a custom design incurring the set-up cost of a custom design.