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Enlarging Kits

OO to O scale instructions


If you want  to enlarge a OO scale kit to O scale you need to enlarge it to 176%. This means that you would need a sheet of A2 paper to fit each page on. Obviously domestic inkjet printers can not print on sheets that size so you will need to split the pages up into sections so that you can print the different parts of the over-sized pages on separate sheets of A4.

Here is how you do that

First zoom in to the part of the page you want to print

Go to the File menu and click on print...

In the print dialog box (shown above) click on the Custom Scale button and type in 175

Now click the More Options button as shown above

Now click current view as shown above.


Now when you press the print button it will only print the part of the page you having zoomed in to. So you can move this view around and repeat the process to print the rest of the page.