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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Download and Print kits?

Instead of a physical card kit Download and Print kits are PDF files that you download then print out

What do I get when I buy a Download and Print kit?

When you buy a kit from Smart Models you will receive an e-mail that contains a link to download your kit.  Each kit consists of two PDF files. One is the kit itself, which consists of several A4 600dpi pages that you print onto to 80/90gsm matt photo paper then glue to the appropriate type of card as detailed in the instructions. The other is the detailed illustrated instructions of how to assemble the kit

What are the advantages of Download and Print kits over traditional card kits?

With traditional model kits if you want more than one of the same building you would need to buy more than one kit. With download and print models you buy it once and print out as many as you need

What are PDF files?

A PDF file or Portable Document Format file is the standard format for transferring, viewing and printing high-quality documents on the web or via email. To view and print these files you will need the Adobe Reader software.  This is a free download from adobe. Use the link below to download

I'm not modelling in OO, N or T. Can I resize the kits to other scales?

Yes you can if your printer allows you to scale pages you are printing.

  • For 3mm scale use the OO kit and reduce it to 75%
  • For Z scale use the N gauge kit and reduce it to 67%
  • For O scale use OO gauge kit and enlarge it to 176%
  • For S scale use OO scale kits and enlarge it to 118%


For instruction on how to print enlarged kits that are bigger than a sheet of A4 click here

What do I use for the windows?

You need to to print the windows on Inkjet compatible OHP film

I didn't receive my free signal box kit?

The most common reason for not receiving the free signal box kit after filling out the request form is mistyping your e-mail address in the form if you haven't received your kit within 24 hours (unless otherwise stated on site) email me at