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FG25 - Motor Cycle Riders

Parts are supplied unpainted

These are 3D printed motorcycle rider figures.

All figures are supplied unpainted.


N scale Packet of 4 for £2.99 + UK P&P

TT scale Packet of 4 for £3.99 + UK P&P

OO scale Packet of 4 for £4.99 + UK P&P

O scale Packet of 2 for £4.99 + UK P&P


Available in:-

Please allow 5 - 7 working days for delivery.

Important Information for Customers Outside the U.K.

If you are ordering this product from outside of the United Kingdom you will need to add International Postage. If you are not sure which world zone you are in check HERE

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Parts are supplied unpainted

3D printed parts can be printed at any size so if you are wanting one of our 3d printed parts at a different size from the standard available sizes then contact us here.

O Scale

OO Scale

TT Scale

N Scale