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Hints and Tips

Printing Tips

In order to open and print the PDF file you will need to have Adobe reader installed on your computer.

If you haven't already got it then you can download it freely from



The kits are designed to fit on A4 paper ( 210x 297mm). For best results use matt photo paper (80-90gsm). The kits are created at 600dpi (Dots Per Inch) resolution. The higher quality setting for printing the better quality the printout will be. Higher quality prints use more ink so if you are concerned try printing out just one page and adjusting the setting of your printer until you are happy with the result. If your printer allows you to save these settings then save them for use every time you print out one of the kits. The instructions for the kits can be printed off separately at lower quality or even just read from the computer screen.


To print out the kits follow the step by step guide below.

  1. Start Adobe Reader and open the kit PDF file.
  2. Go to File and Print
  3. Very Important!!! Print at 100% scale. Do not use any scaling, Fit to page or anything similar or the kit will not print out at the correct scale.
  4. Select the properties then select the type of paper and resolution you want to print at.
  5. Then press OK to print the kit.

What do I get when I buy a Download and Print kit?

When you buy a kit from Smart Models you will receive an e-mail that contains a link to download your kit.  Each kit consists of two PDF files. One is the kit itself, which consists of several A4 600dpi pages that you print onto to 80/90gsm matt photo paper then glue to the appropriate type of card as detailed in the instructions. The other is the detailed illustrated instructions of how to assemble the kit

Paper Sizes

All kits and texture sheets are designed to be printed on A4 paper. For those customers in the U.S. or Canada the nearest paper size is 'Legal'. If you use the smaller 'letter' size you will find the bottom half inch of the page missing

Supplies for Customers in the U.S.

This information has been provided by John Buswell (check out his youtube channel at OORAIL for lots of hints and tips on British railway modelling in the U.S.)


For American customers (last time and note below is for OO gauge only), prices and purchased from Walmart unless it says otherwise..


  • Loctite Gel Control (for fast adhesion) ($2.78)
  • Loctite Extra Time Control (for small fiddly bits, use tweezers!) ($3.78)
  • Elmers Washable School Glue Stick ($2.63 for 3 large sticks)
  • US Legal Ream of Paper ($5.95)
  • Mat board (12"x12") ($5.99) - hobby lobby
  • Mat board (11" x 14") ($5.99) - hobby lobby
  • Posterboard (10 sheets, 22"x28") ($3.99) - staples
  • M Letter Transparency Paper (varies on laserprinter) ($15 - $25)