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Kit Collection Volume 1

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Volume 1 Kit Collection

This collection contains the following:-


RES01 - Small Terraced House


This model is of an early 20th Century two up, two down terraced house including back yard, out houses and interior detail. Included in the kit are multiple different doors and windows. It can be built as low relief front, back or full structure.


RES02 - Small Terraced Shop


This model is of an early 20th Century terraced shop, with flat above. It includes two different store fronts in five different colours with matching doors, a choice of plain or leading glazing, 24 different shop signs and 6 customizable shop signs. Also includes 3 different interior with a choice of interior detail.


RES03 - Cottage (All three Versions)


This model is of an small single story cottage including detailed interior. Included in the kit are multiple different windows and curtains. It is available in Random Stone, Painted Stone and Old Red Brick.


The collection also includes the following texture sheets:-


BR01 - Old Red Brick

GR02 - Cobblestones

RF02 - Dark Grey Roof Tiles

RF03 - Weathered Grey Roof Tiles

ST01 - Random Stone

ST03 - White Painted Stone


Price for individual items on disc totals £21.89


Price of disc is £14.99
plus P&P


You save £6.90


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