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 LC26 - 4 Panel Doors

This is a laser cut 4 Panel Doors suitable for the RES09 - Prefab House Kit


The OO and O scale window is cut out of 350 micron polyester sheet. The N scale windows are engraved and cut out of 800 micron acrylic sheet.


OO scale - H=30.5mm W=19mm

O scale - H=53.5mm W=33.4mm

N scale -   H=15.2mm W= 9.5mm


OO scale comes in a packet of 6 for £4.37 + P&P

O scale comes in a packet of 6 for £10.62 + P&P

N scale comes in a packet of 6 for £1.87 + P&P

Available in:-

OO and O Scale Windows

N Scale Windows

Please allow 5 - 7 working days for delivery.

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The OO and O scale windows are laser cut from 350 micron polyester sheet and can be painted with acrylic or enamel paints. Dark colours can even be done with permanent markers.

The N scale windows are laser engraved on to 800 micron clear acetate. To colour the frames cover the engraved side with your choice of coloured acrylic paint and wipe it off before the paint dries. It will stay in the engraved frames while leaving the window pane areas clear.