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Right Angle Magnetic Clamps

These are the NEW and improved Right Angle Magnetic Clamps for keeping parts at 90 degrees while glueing. They now have new super strong magnets each with a vertical pull strength of 1kg. They are available in small, medium, large and heavy duty sizes. You get  2 Pairs each set.

Small £8.99 + UK P&P

Medium £9.99 + UK P&P

Large  £10.99 + UK P&P

Heavy Duty £11.99 + P&P

Available in :-

Small clamps are 27.5mm x 27.5mm x 8mm

Medium clamps are 36mm x 36mm x 8mm

Please allow 5 - 7 working days for delivery.

Important Information for Customers Outside the U.K.

If you are ordering this product from outside of the United Kingdom you will need to add International Postage. If you are not sure which world zone you are in check HERE

Choose which zone :-

Large clamps are 43mm x 43mm x 8mm

Heavy duty clamps are 43mm x 43mm x 8mm