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Starter Pack 6

Starter Pack 6


RES06 - Large Terraced House Kit on Disc


LB14 - Laser Cut Card Base

TD02 - Large Round Chimney Pots (x2)


LC11 - Small Fanlight Windows


LC13 - Double Tall Sash Windows


LC15 - Large Bay Windows


LC12 - Tall Fanlight Windows


LC14 - Large Sash Windows


LC16 - Narrow Bay Windows


LC17 - Four Panelled Doors


TD07 - Round Topped Ridge Tiles (x2)

*N scale pack comes with TT scale ridge tiles


N Scale Pack - £30.99 + p&p

     Normal price - £41.83

      Saving - £10.84

OO Scale Pack - £54.99 + p&p

     Normal price - £76.72

      Saving - £21.73

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Available in:-
Available in:-

Please allow 5 - 7 working days for delivery.

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Old Red Brick

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Cream Brick

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Light Red Brick