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Texture Collection Volume 3

Price for individual items on disc totals £15.84


Price of disc is £7.49
plus P&P


You save £5.85

Texture Sheet Collection Volume 3

This collection includes the following:-


MT01 - Corrugated Metal Lt. Grey

MT02 - Corrugated Metal Lt. Green

MT03 - Corrugated Metal Lt. Blue

MT04 - Corrugated Metal Lt. Red

MT05 - Corrugated Metal Lt. Yellow

MT06 - Corrugated Metal Dk. Yellow

MT07 - Corrugated Metal Dk. Red

MT08 - Corrugated Metal Dk. Green

MT09 - Corrugated Metal Dk. Blue

MT10 - Corrugated Metal Dk. Grey

MT11 - Metal Panels

MT12 - Old Painted Roof Panels

MT13 - Corrugated Metal Roof Inside

RF01 - Light Grey Roof Tiles

RF02 - Dark Grey Roof Tiles

RF03 - Weathered Grey Roof Tiles

ST17 - Rough Sandstone Ashlar 2


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