WD01 - Large Arched Windows

To use these windows you will need to print them on to peelable self adhesive paper which you can get from 123-labels which you can get from the links page.


These windows are suitable for use with kit RAIL07


Height : OO - 48.5mm N- 24.25mm  Width : OO - 26.5mm N - 13.25mm

These measurements are taken from the edge of the window frame not the edge of the mounting area around the window. If these default sizes do not fit your project REMEMBER that they don't have to be printed at 100%. They can be scaled to fit your project




£0.99 Each





Available in:

Windows for printing directly on to acetate. Comes with clear or dirty windows.

This is the brick surround that goes around the window opening includes sill.

WD01aa - Large Arched Windows Acetate

WD01bb - Large Arched Windows Surround



Available in:
Available in: